Prince Abdulaziz bin Saad Lifestyle Medicine Hackathon goals

Promote innovation

Encouraging participants to think creatively and come up with new solutions to the challenges facing the medical and health sector. By providing a collaborative and supportive environment, hackathons can help stimulate creativity and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Develop practical solutions

Lifestyle medicine is a field that requires input from a variety of stakeholders. The hackathon is an opportunity to enhance cooperation between participants from different backgrounds, including doctors, technologists, designers and business experts. By working together to reach the best solutions and practices to raise the quality of lifestyle.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

Producing practical solutions that can be implemented in our reality by focusing on finding scalable, sustainable and effective solutions.

Modern techniques
And emerging technologies in lifestyle medicine

The hackathon will provide participants with opportunities to network with other medical technology professionals and learn from experts in the field. This may include inviting guest speakers to share their ideas, and providing resources and tools to help participants continue their learning after the hackathon and pilot their solutions in targeted sectors.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Saad Lifestyle Medicine Hackathon Routes


Healthy lifestyle

The Healthy Lifestyle Route focuses on educating and motivating the community to improve their quality of life for the better by offering innovative solutions that change personal habits and behaviors.

Lifestyle technologies

The Lifestyle Medicine Technology Route focuses on technology that helps patients eat healthier, such as apps for healthy eating requests and exercise scheduling, inducing better sleep, improving social connections and mental health, and treating various types of addictions.

Medical progress

The World Health Organization defines medical advances as “the application of organized knowledge and skills to develop devices, medicines, vaccines, processes and systems with the aim of solving health problems and improving quality of life.”

Participants' journey

Prince Abdulaziz bin Saad Lifestyle Medicine Hackathon


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A: Lifestyle medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on preventive health care and self-care that deals with the prevention, research, education, and treatment of disorders caused by lifestyle diseases and preventable causes of death such as nutrition, physical inactivity, chronic stress, and self-destructive behaviors including Consumption of tobacco products and drug or alcohol use. The goal of lifestyle medicine is to improve individuals' health and well-being by applying the six pillars of lifestyle medicine (nutrition, regular physical activity, structured sleep, stress management, avoidance of hazardous substances, and positive socialization) to prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. diseases, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity
The hackathon will be held in Hail. All details will be sent to those qualified to participate in the hackathon in a guidebook.
Registration on the website before the hackathon is not required, as the participant must register himself individually, but if the participant is accepted for the days of the hackathon, it is required to have a team to participate.
The minimum is 3 members and the maximum per team is 5.
No, the idea is created and created when you form a team that shares the same path and interest with you to solve a challenge related to the paths mentioned for the hackathon, and here you can be the owner of the idea or the developer of an idea within the formed team.
No, a person has the right to be interested in and participate in one idea in only one path.
Preferably so.
Yes, participants must attend all days of the hackathon, the opening day, and the day of the closing ceremony if the team qualifies, and adhere to the attendance and departure times specified later.
They must be ideas for challenges related to the Routes in the hackathon, and the idea must be presented in the form of a presentation containing: the problem, the proposed solution, the impact of the solution on health and lifestyle, a business model for the idea, and a preliminary business model for the idea.
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