Healthy Taste Gallery

Healthy Taste Gallery

12/05/2024 To 16/05/2024

The "Healthy Food Tasting Journey" is one of the most important events associated with the Hail International Conference on Lifestyle Medicine. Last year, it had a significant impact, aiming to introduce the community to the practical experience that healthy food can be delicious, with nutritious ingredients and healthy cooking methods. This event has a more significant influence on society and helps shift towards a healthier lifestyle.

The tasting journey will include participating in community-based production and the associated producer families (healthy-producing families) with whom we have worked since last year through training and awareness programs to promote community awareness of healthy food. It will also feature an exhibition of the most essential restaurants specializing in healthy food and popular healthy food products that can be used as alternatives to other ingredients. For example, natural honey products can be used as a substitute for white sugar.

We expect this event to impact the community’s lifestyle significantly and profoundly. It will achieve the conference's goal, which is not limited to scientific lectures in the scientific program but extends its influence on all community members as active participants and beneficiaries of various activities accompanying the conference. Attending the event will give you insights into healthy food choices, teach you about alternative ingredients, and allow you to taste delicious, nutritious foods.

We look forward to your visit to our exhibition of products and healthy food and encourage you to engage in this practical experience and share your feedback.

We invite you to participate in the Healthy Food Tasting Journey.

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