Supreme Committee

Sultan Nasser Abdulaziz Almusaieid Sultan Nasser Abdulaziz Almusaieid Chairperson

Executive Committee and Events

 Mutalq A Al-Zwaimel Mutalq A Al-Zwaimel Chairperson

Scientific Committee

Dr . Meshal A Alnais Dr . Meshal A Alnais Chairperson

Organizing Committee

Abdulilah A Altweher Abdulilah A Altweher Chairperson

Health Education Committee

Sultan Shdeed Almutteri Sultan Shdeed Almutteri Chairperson

Crowd and Risk Management Committee

Eng . Majid S Alderaan Eng . Majid S Alderaan Chairperson

Community Partnership Committee

Hisham Ibrahim Altamimi Hisham Ibrahim Altamimi Chairperson

Foreign Relations Committee

DikheeL Ali Al-DikheeL DikheeL Ali Al-DikheeL Chairperson

Director's guests organizing committee

Sultan A  ALqansai Sultan A ALqansai Chairperson

Statistics Committee

 Alhumaidi J Alreshidi Alhumaidi J Alreshidi Chairperson

Health volunteering committee

Jamal Suliman Aldhamadi Jamal Suliman Aldhamadi Chairperson

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