Healthy Recipes Competitions

Healthy Recipes Competitions

12/05/2024 To 16/05/2024

Healthy Lifestyle Cooking Competition for New and Improved Saudi Recipes

Healthy Cooking

A healthy lifestyle in food is considered a prevention for diseases, and sometimes it can be a remedy and healing. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the Healthy Cooking Competition for the second year. It is one of the distinguished and unique activities of the Hail International Conference, the only one in the Kingdom. After the great success of the competition last year.

• The competition is open to doctors, healthcare providers, educators, university staff, amateur chefs from the private sector, hotels, and home-based producers.

• Delicious and healthy recipes developed from traditional Saudi dishes, including dishes, desserts, and pastries with enhanced health benefits.

• New innovative Saudi dishes, including all regional recipes, will be included. The categories will include a variety of meals based on daily challenges with a greater emphasis on plant-based content, portion control, baked grains and legumes, sugar-free desserts, healthy grilling, and seafood. Healthy cooking and frying oil, like olive oil, is also recommended. With the introduction of alternative dishes for rice and wheat and dishes suitable for creative banquets and alternative sweeteners such as natural honey or dates with calculated and measured amounts.

• The competition dishes must be healthy and delicious, presented in innovative ways that promote Saudi identity and traditional recipes, and made from healthy ingredients.

• The winners will be announced at the conference's end on May 16, 2024, in Hail City.


Registration terms for the competition:

         Registration is team-based, with a designated team leader and team name. Team leader details are required initially.

         Each team should consist of 4-6 members.

         Each team can include a trained chef or amateur cook.

         Nutrition specialists or specialized health professionals can be consulted.

         Home-based producers can be included as team members.

         Each team is committed to the conditions, timings, and specified products for each challenge according to the instructions of the competition's organizing committee.

         Introducing or adding food materials, flavors, spices, oils, or unapproved elements is strictly prohibited.

         Using duplicate or highly processed foods or unauthorized ingredients is prohibited.

         Pre-preparation of any recipe is not allowed.

         Each member must comply with the sanitary conditions set by municipalities and public health, including nail cutting, hand washing, kitchen attire, hair and beard covering, and glove wearing.

         Violation of the conditions disqualifies the individual or team from participation.

-          The team leader is responsible for registering team members and coordinating with the competition committee regarding all instructions.


Each member must comply with the sanitary conditions set by municipalities and public health, including nail cutting, hand washing, kitchen attire, hair and beard covering, and glove wearing.


Challenges of this year's competition:

• According to the announced schedule, each team will be informed of the challenge idea 24 hours before the competition.

• During the 24-hour period, the team should consider what they will present to the judging panel and the needs and management of the budget for ingredients and purchases according to the specifications set by the organizing committee. One of the competition's goals is to provide a healthy and excellent product at an affordable cost.

• The next day after announcing the challenge idea is the execution time in the open kitchens for the public in the designated location.

• Only the ingredients specified by the team and purchased within the budget set by the committee can be used. Purchases should be coordinated and documented for all the team's steps in the preparation.

• Evaluation will be based on international rules and standards by experts.

According to the judges' evaluation, • The winning teams will be determined based on the highest total score.

• The winning teams will be honoured and celebrated at the end of the conference.


Approved ingredients during recipe execution:

1. All kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Legumes and nuts.

3. Natural, low-fat, whole cheeses.

4. Whole grains.

5. Dates as a sweetener.

6. Verified, natural honey.

7. Olive oil and sunflower oil.

8. Animal butter (in tiny quantities).

9. Salt in the minimum possible amount.

10. Verified whole and ground spices.

11. Fish and seafood products.

12. Red meat.

13. Chicken and poultry.


Accepted cooking methods:

1. Electricity, charcoal, or solar cooking can be used.

2. Boiling (cooking with water or vegetable broth).

3. Sautéing and stir-frying (with or without oil).

4. Roasting in the minimum possible amount.

5. Air frying.

6. Steaming and smoking.

7. Grilling.

8. Stuffings (must be vegetarian with legumes only).

9. Roasting.


To register your team in the competition, please send the following information to the email of the Healthy Cooking Competition Committee:

1. Team name.

2. Number of team members.

3. Team members' information (name, occupation or experience, and mobile number).

4. Specify whether the team is from inside or outside Hail, with the region specified.

5. Team leader's contact information for communication and coordination with the organizing committee.


The deadline for submitting team registration preferences is May 5, 2024.


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